American Silver Eagle

American Silver Eagle Bullion Front E1664846382375 - Preserve Gold

Mint dates: 1986-present
Designer: Obverse, Adolph A. Weinman; Reverse, John Mercanti (1986-2021) and Emily Damstra (2021-current)
Gross weight: 31.103 g
Composition: .999 purity
Diameter: 40.6 mm (1.598 in)

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Product Description:

The American Silver Eagle is often considered the official silver bullion coin of America.

The coin is the result of a novel strategy for balancing the nation’s budget. The United States was formerly in the habit of maintaining large stockpiles of essential materials to prepare for times of crisis.

In 1984, the nation was facing a growing deficit.  President Ronald Reagan learned that military silver reserves were overflowing.  Silver is an essential manufacturing component, so part of the nation’s stockpile was likely warranted.  However, given the financial pressures, the Reagan administration determined that the country could help recoup some of its losses by selling off the surplus silver in its national stockpile.

Under the advice of Treasury Secretary Donald Regan, the Liberty Coin Act was passed in 1986.  This act authorized the United States Mint to produce one-dollar silver coins from the stockpile for collectors and investors. The American Eagle was the first coin minted under this act and is still being made today.

Some people argued that minting the American Silver Eagle coin could lower silver’s value.  That did not occur.  The coin has a face value of one dollar but is worth close to what silver costs on the market each day.

Even though America no longer uses silver as currency, this coin is still used in international business deals and private retirement accounts.

Other details about the American Eagle silver coin:

  • The coin is minted out of .999 pure silver.
  • The front of the coin (obverse) features Adolph Weinman’s 1916 Walking Liberty design.
  • The reverse side of the American Eagle coin was recently redesigned. Previous coins featured an eagle clutching a shield, olive branch, and arrow.  The new 2021 coin’s reverse shows an eagle swooping in, clutching an oak branch in its talons.

These coins are IRA approved, so you can purchase them for placement in a Silver IRA.


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