Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

1 Oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin - Preserve Gold

Gross weight: 31.103 g
Silver content: 0.9999 troy oz
Composition: .9999 purity
Diameter: 37.97 mm (1.5 in)

Designer 1937: Royal Canadian Mint

Designer 1988-1989: Obverse, Arnold Machin; Reverse, Royal Canadian Mint 1937
Designer 1990-2004: Obverse, Dora de Pedery-Hunt;
Reverse, Royal Canadian Mint 1937
Designer 2005-present: Obverse, Suzanna Blunt;

Reverse, Royal Canadian Mint

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Product Description:

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is one of the world’s top-selling silver bullion coins, second only to the American Silver Eagle.  While it may fall behind in volume, it is first in other areas:  purity.  Made with no base metals, it is comprised of .9999 pure silver.  This was a unique accomplishment made possible by the technical capabilities of the Royal Canadian Mint.

The maple leaf was first issued in 1988.

Starting in 2014, the coin has been enhanced with significant security features to minimize the risk of counterfeiting.  These measures include precision-engraved radial lines that distinctly reflect light.  The coins also have a micro-engraved laser privy mark beneath the image of the sugar maple.  The mark shows the last two digits of the issue date, which are visible only under magnification.

Here are some other features of these popular coins:

  • The front (obverse) of the coin features three different effigies of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at ages 39, 64 and 79. This is the same artwork used on the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.
  • The reverse features a redesigned maple leaf by artist Dora de Pedery-Hunt. This is an eye-catching feature since the maple leaf is printed in extremely sharp detail.
  • Because of its popularity with investors, the Royal Canadian Mint has created many collectible versions of this coin.  They do this by using creative privy marks and finishes.  Here are some examples of these offerings:
  • The “Wild Canada” Series features privy marks honoring various animals found in the Canadian wilderness.
  • For the 25th anniversary, the Royal Canadian Mint released a silver bullion series featuring the large number “25” imposed over the sugar maple leaf.
  • Each year, they release colorized versions, which capture the real-life beauty of changing leaf shades.
  • The Gilded Silver Maple Leaf version featured a thin layer of 24 karat gold overlaying the maple leaf.
  • The Magnificent Maple Leaf is a 10-ounce version displaying two sugar maple leaves attached to a singular stem.

These coins are approved for purchase in a precious metals IRA.

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