Gold Polar Bear and Cub

Gold Polar Bear Back - Preserve Gold

Mint: Royal Canadian Mint

Weight: 7.8 g

Composition: .9999 purity

Diameter: 20 mm

Edge: Serrated

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Product Description:

The Royal Canadian Mint regularly produces wildlife-inspired coins.  The Gold Polar Bear and Cub is a spectacular example and beautiful addition to your gold investment portfolio.  The coin honors the magnificent polar bear, the apex predator of the great Canadian Arctic.

The gold Polar Bear coin is .9999 pure, making it suitable for Gold IRA investing.

Polar bears are majestic animals and can range in size from 400 to even 1,700 pounds.  Although they live on various coasts in the Arctic, Canada is home to the most significant population: about 15,000 out of an estimated 25,000 globally.

The polar bear is distinctive for its creamy white color.  These impressive creatures are supremely well adapted to their harsh environment. Perhaps the most significant adaptation of the polar bear is its capacity to slow down its metabolism to survive hard times.  If a bear hasn’t eaten in a week, its body will automatically enter energy conservation mode.

These bears are the opposite at the beginning of life.  They are born tiny and defenseless. Polar Bear cubs – usually born in twos – enter the world in their mother’s den, where her body heat keeps them warm and safe. The mother and cubs will stay inside their den for many months until the cubs are strong enough to survive below-freezing temperatures.

Facts about this coin:

  • Contains ¼ ounce of .9999 pure gold.
  • Has a face value of $10 CAD.
  • The front (obverse) depicts an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The reserve of the coin shows a polar bear and a cub on the frozen tundra.
  • The coin was designed by artist Germaine Arnaktauyok.

These coins are approved for purchase in a precious metals IRA.

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