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Product Description:

Gold rounds, similar to gold bars, provide a more efficient way to buy gold.  While rounds may look like gold coins, they do not possess any inherent currency value.  Their value is purely based on their gold content.  So they are not as collectible as gold coins.

One benefit is they are more closely priced to the gold spot price, so you will not need to pay high premiums over the gold price.

  • Rounds are available in many sizes that range from 0.05 troy ounces to 1 troy ounce.
  • Gold rounds are usually produced by private mints.
  • They are primarily minted as commemorative pieces with original designs and images. However, some only carry the mint brand logo or name on both sides of the round.
  • Rounds should be delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity or assay card.

Bottom line, gold rounds are an affordable alternative for those looking purely for gold as an investment.  Because these coins are bought and sold more closely to the spot price, they are often used for short term trading.

They are easily stored and managed.  Some mints produce larger rounds which can be a convenient alternative to gold bars.

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