Liberty Head Double Eagle

Liberty Head Double Eagle 20 Front - Preserve Gold

Mint dates: 1849-1907
Designer: James Longacre, Peter Filatreu Cross
Gross weight: 33.431 g
Gold content: 0.96750 troy oz
Composition: 90% gold, 10% copper
Diameter: 34.1 mm (1.342 in)

Subsets of Liberty Head coin
1. Liberty Head, no motto, value “Twenty D.” 1849-1866
2. Liberty Head, with motto, value “Twenty D.” 1866-1876
3. Liberty Head, with motto, value “Twenty Dollars” 1877-1907

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Product Description:

The Liberty Head Double Eagle coin is a $20 coin steeped in the history of the Gold Rush era.

It was introduced in early 1849 as a response to the unexpected influx of gold.  Gold discoveries began in North Carolina in the 1830s and continued west, culminating in the California Gold Rush. This remarkable time facilitated the development and advancement of the American West.  Further, the mass adoption of these gold coins influenced global currency.

The Liberty Head coin is a reminder of the excitement of that era.

Here are some details of this $20 coin:

  • The Liberty Head, also known as the Double Eagle, was America’s largest circulated gold coin.
  • This twenty-dollar coin was the first gold coin issued by the U.S. Mint.
  • Before this coin, all U.S. coins had been silver only.
  • The name comes from the reference that all American currency had been made of silver, with the highest value being $10 or one eagle. At $20, this became known as the “double eagle.”

The $20 Liberty Head coin had a practical design, created by two engravers, James B. Longacre and Peter Filatreu Cross. The art is identical to that of the one dollar coin. The front, or obverse, depicts a woman in a crown wearing “Liberty” on the side, surrounded by 13 stars representing the colonies.  On the reverse, the coin’s denomination and date of manufacture are shown along with a wreath. The phrase “United States of America” encircles the design, closing off the top.

The Liberty Head coin was minted until 1907.  After that, it was replaced by the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle.

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