Platinum Britannia

Platinum Brittania - Preserve Gold

Mint Years: 2018 – present
Weight: 1 oz.
Thickness: 3 mm
Diameter: 32.69 mm
Finesse: .9995

1/10th oz:

Mint Years: 2018 – present
Weight: 0.1 oz.
Thickness: 1.8 mm
Diameter: 16.5 mm
Finesse: .9995

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Product Description:

The Britannia coinage is the official bullion coin series for Great Britain. As with many other national bullion collections, the Britannia series uses an iconic image from the British Isles as the primary design feature of the coin. The Britannia coins debuted in 1987 in gold and have since grown to include silver and platinum options.

The modern Britannia coinage debuted in 1987 with the issuance of the first-ever gold Britannia coins. A decade later in 1997, the Royal Mint expanded the collection to include the silver Britannia coin as well. The most recent introduction into the series is the Platinum Britannia available as of 2018 in both 1 oz and 1/10 oz platinum.

All coins in the Britannia collection, from the original gold to these platinum coins, include the iconic image of Britannia. Her origins date back to the 1st century AD when the Roman Empire was moving north off the European continent and attempting to conquer the British Isles. Rome was only able to push as far north as Scotland. The eventual province that emerged during the Roman Era was known as Britannia.

Over the course of Great Britain’s history, Britannia became more than just a provincial name for the region. It was also used at times as a name for the people, but more importantly became a symbolic female personification of the nation which protected its people. The design of these British Platinum Britannia coins was created in 1987 by Philip Nathan.

The reverse of the British Platinum Britannia coin was chosen from a contest that included multiple designs. Nathan’s design was chosen for its beautiful, powerful modern depiction of Britannia. She stands firm on the island’s southern coast with a trident in one hand giving her control over the seas and a shield emblazoned with the Union Jack in the other hand to defend the nation against aggressors.

On the obverse of all British Platinum Britannia Coins is the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The first coins issued in 2018 feature the fifth-generation portrait of Her Majesty created in 2015 by Royal Mint Engraver Jody Clark.

This coin is approved for purchased inside of a Precious Metals IRA.

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