The Preserve Gold Difference

The Preserve Gold Difference​

Having helped many customers over the years diversify their investments with physical precious metals, I have gotten a direct view into what it takes to create five-star customer experiences. Preserve Gold is committed to its core principles – integrity, transparency, and consistency – these guidelines create the foundation for life-lasting customer relationships.

Precious metals are best utilized to help protect wealth and purchasing power long-term through diversification. Our relationship-oriented and educational approach inspires investor confidence and provides our clients the ability to make informed decisions. Each member of the Preserve Gold team has been hand-selected because they have shown a demonstrable ability in product knowledge and professionalism while adhering to our core principles. We are here for you when you need us; we are driven by your success.

Preserve Gold is committed to transparency, and we will match or beat competitor pricing. Should you need to sell your precious metals back to us in the future, we will buy your metals back and charge zero liquidation fees; we do not participate in client profits.

Because we are so confident in our products and services, we offer our clients a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee. When a transaction is completed, you have 24 hours to cancel for any reason without penalty.

We have tirelessly worked to build an organization which is rooted in excellence, so give us a call and allow us to show you why we will be the last and only company you will need to work with for your precious metal diversification needs.

I look forward to welcoming you into the Preserve Gold family of investors.


To Your Success,

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Daniel Boston

Founder & CEO
Preserve Gold

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