Silver Rounds

1 Oz Silver Buffalo Reverse - Preserve Gold
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Product Description:

If you’re looking to buy a smaller quantity of silver or have some on hand in the event you’d ever need them for trading, silver rounds may be a good choice.


The more expensive silver bullion coins differ from silver rounds due to their status as actual legal tender.  Silver coins have both a denomination and face value.  These are real money.


Silver rounds, on the other hand, are not actual currency.  They are produced by private manufacturers.  Really, they are more like round silver bars.

Like silver bars, rounds are priced close to the spot price of silver.


Because these products are bought and sold based on their weight and do not carry additional intrinsic value, they are often used for short term trading strategies


Other details about silver rounds include:


  • Rounds are available in various sizes ranging from 0.05 ounces to 1 ounce.
  • They are usually produced by private mints.
  • Silver rounds are primarily designed as commemorative pieces with original designs. However, some basic ones only display the name or logo of the mint.
  • Rounds are typically delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity or assay card.


Silver rounds, like gold rounds are an affordable way to add silver to your portfolio.



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