Precious Metals Home Delivery

Precious Metals Home Delivery

Take Ahold of Your Wealth With Precious Metals Shipping and Delivery

Of the many benefits precious metals offer, personal ownership is often highlighted as one of the most attractive features of owning gold and silver. Purchasing tangible assets like precious metals for shipping or home delivery allows you to bypass the counterparty risks associated with other traditional types of asset classes.

Our clients who buy precious metals with their savings are often striving to diversify and hedge their risk exposure. Individuals who hold cash reserves are exposed to the inflation and currency devaluation risks of the US Dollar. Not only do precious metals act as a hedge against inflation and a falling dollar, but when you opt for precious metals shipping, you mitigate risk exposure to institutions holding your money. Taking ownership of physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium bars or coins shields you against possible liquidity and credit risk, financial cybercrime, and other third-party risks.

Electronically-managed assets offer many benefits, but they can also carry varying degrees of risk including:

  • Market Risk: arises from movements in prices, interest rates, exchange rates and commodity prices
  • Inflation Risk: purchasing power will be reduced if the value of your savings do not keep up with the rate of inflation
  • Interest Rate Risk: the potential that a change in overall interest rates will reduce the value of a fixed-rate holding
  • Currency Risk: the change in price of one currency in relation to another
  • Credit Risk: a loss resulting from a borrower’s failure to repay a loan or meet contractual obligations  
  • Geopolitical Risk: wars, terrorist acts, and tensions between states that affect the normal and peaceful course of international relations
  • Political Risk: a holding’s returns could suffer as a result of political changes or change in government, legislative bodies, other foreign policymakers or military control.
Physical ownership of precious metals removes the digital exchange and other counterparty risks associated with traditional assets. In addition, there have been numerous reports of digital exchanges being hacked for hundreds of millions of dollars. By taking personal possession of physical metals, you cannot be subjected to hacking and digital theft.

Take ownership of precious metals

Taking personal ownership of precious metals can be done in 3 easy steps:

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1. Contact a Preserve Gold Precious Metals Specialist

Our staff are well equipped and trained to assess your personal goals and to make sound recommendations based on your needs and budget. They will custom-build a precious metals portfolio and review all transaction details including quantity of coins/bars, cost per item, weight of bars/coins, transaction fee and grand total. You will receive an invoice for your records.

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2. Fund Your Account and Choose Storage Type

Upon agreeing to the details of your purchase, your specialist will provide payment instructions so you can fund your Preserve Gold account. Acceptable forms of payment include personal check, bank wire, cashier’s check, money order and credit card. Your specialist will contact you when funds have been received. You can choose to either take personal delivery of your precious metals or you can elect to have the bars/coins stored on your behalf at an insured and privately owned depository.
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3. Take Delivery

Shortly after your payment has been received, your specialist will contact you and let you know when your metals are shipping and will email you tracking numbers for your records. All precious metals are shipped via UPS with full-coverage insurance and required signature. We use discrete labeling so only you will know the contents of the box(es). You are not responsible for the metals until you have signed for them. Upon receiving delivery, your specialist will contact you the following day to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.


You can choose to have the metals delivered to your doorstep or you can have them shipped to a depository of your choice where they will be stored and fully insured on your behalf. The depository options offered by Preserve Gold are privately owned. Our preferred depositories are exchange-approved by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). Precious metals sent to these facilities are transported in armored vehicles and guarded by armed messengers. Upon arrival, your metals are carefully inspected and inventoried, and regularly audited. And, to protect its customers and their assets, these companies take full liability for all its shipments. We work with the following storage facilities to promote the highest levels of security and customer satisfaction:

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Texas Precious Metals Depository

Shiner, TX

1200Px Delaware Depository Logo.svg 1 1 - Preserve Gold

Delaware Depository

Wilmington, DE or Boulder City, NV

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International Depository Services

Dallas, TX or New Castle, DE

Ready to get started?
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Ready to get started?

Give us a call at (877) 444-0923

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